Preparing For Spring

As spring quickly approaches, now is the time to get your landscape ready for an amazing outdoor season! Victory Gardens Pro has 5 top tips so you can have a gorgeous yard everyone will admire. Get started early and with these helpful hints from our experts, be sure that your lawn looks it’s absolute best come this upcoming warm weather!

It is always best to approach things with a plan, so let’s consider these steps as the Victory Plan for Spring Success.

Yard Clean Up
Spring is the time to prepare your outdoor space for warmer days. Get ready by giving your yard an ultimate clean-up session! Make sure you wear thick gloves in case any sharp winter debris has accumulated – be diligent to remove that all branches and items get cleared away safely leaving nothing but lush grass behind.

Break Out The Rake
Get out that rake and get ready for some leaf-removal therapy. Whisk away any late fall leftovers or winter debris like pine cones, acorns and twigs from the garden – then revitalize dull grass with an invigorating raking session.

Tend and Prune The Shrubs and Trees
As we enter a new growing season, dormant pruning is essential for keeping your trees and shrubs healthy. Not only does it keep dangerous limbs away from your home but also helps you shape them into more aesthetically pleasing shapes that will add to the beauty of your outdoor space. So don’t forget – give those bushes some love this spring by giving them an invigorating trim! With regular care, they can produce delightful blooms all summer long while maintaining their desired size and shape – which in turn keeps up with the overall curb appeal of your property year-round.

Refresh Your Mulch
We’ve totally got you covered here. To keep your plants healthy and thriving, use mulch. It not only traps moisture to protect them in heavy rains but also serves as a barrier that blocks weeds from encroaching on the soil they need for growth. Before you apply new mulch however be sure to remove any old layers first! And if there’s fresh vegetation, wait until it emerges before covering–you wouldn’t want anything preventing those greens from blossoming into life!

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