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$35.00 /Yard
Screened topsoil is sifted or screened to remove debris, rocks, roots, and other contaminants, leaving behind a fine, uniform texture. This process helps to ensure that the topsoil is free of unwanted materials. Screened topsoil is rich in nutrients and organic matter, making it ideal for promoting healthy plant growth. It is commonly used for planting, filling raised beds, leveling uneven ground, and other tasks where high-quality soil is needed.


$40.00 /Yard
Soil mix is a blend of organic and inorganic materials with nutrient-rich additives designed to create a suitable environment for plant growth in containers or raised beds. The composition varies based on plant needs and provides drainage, aeration, and water retention essential for healthy root development. It is commonly used in container gardening to support plant growth in confined spaces.


$30.00 /Yard
Mushroom soil is a nutrient-rich material made from recycled mushroom substrate. It contains organic matter, beneficial microorganisms, and nutrients that improve soil structure, water retention, and fertility. This compost is used to enhance soil quality in gardens and flower beds, providing essential nutrients for healthy plant growth. Organic mushroom soil is a sustainable and eco-friendly option for promoting soil health and supporting plants.


$30.00 /Yard
Organic Leaf-Enriched compost is a nutrient-dense soil amendment made by combining organic materials, including leaves, with other compostable materials. Rich in carbon and nutrients, this compost improves soil health and fertility by enhancing structure, water retention, and nutrient levels. It is suitable for gardens, flower beds, and vegetable patches, serving as a sustainable and eco-friendly option for promoting healthy plant growth.


$30.00 /Yard

Enriched compost with wood is compost that includes wood-based materials like sawdust or wood chips. These materials, high in carbon, are added to the compost mix along with other organic materials like food scraps and manure. Wood helps aerate the pile, aiding decomposition and adding structure. This enriched compost is beneficial for soil health, adding organic matter and nutrients, and is useful for gardening and landscaping projects.


$20.00 /Yard
Fill dirt is soil is made up of sand, clay, and rocks that is used to fill in low areas, such as depressions or holes. It is often excavated from construction sites and is not nutrient-rich for planting. Instead, it is used to level landscapes, raise land grades, or provide a stable foundation for building projects. Fill dirt is commonly used in landscaping, building, and road construction to create a strong base for structures or to fill uneven areas.


Grass seed is used for growing in various landscapes like lawns and meadows. It comes from different grass species with unique characteristics suited for different climates and soil types. There are cool-season and warm-season grasses, each offering specific benefits based on intended use. Sowing grass seed involves spreading it evenly on prepared soil, followed by watering for healthy growth. Grass seed plays a vital role in creating and maintaining vibrant, healthy grassy areas.
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