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Rock Salt/Other Products Products

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Rock Salt

$125.00 /Ton
Rock salt is a type of salt that is predominantly composed of sodium chloride. It is typically mined from underground salt deposits and occurs in the form of large, crystalline chunks. Rock salt is commonly used for de-icing roads and sidewalks, as well as for culinary purposes and as a water softener. It has a white or clear appearance and is known for its ability to lower the freezing point of water, making it effective in melting ice and snow.

Straw Bale/Hay

$12.00 /Per
Straw bales are tightly bound bundles of dried straw, typically made from wheat, barley, oats, or rice stalks. These bales are commonly used in gardening and landscaping as a natural and sustainable alternative to traditional mulches or soil amendments. They can also be used as a growing medium for planting vegetables, herbs, or flowers directly into the bale, a method known as "straw bale gardening."

Silt Sock

Silt socks is the generic term for a tubular mesh “sock” filled with filter media that is used for specific erosion control applications. Also called "erosion control filter socks", these silt socks are used for sediment traps, inlet protection, check dams, and sediment control applications. They are often used in place of silt fences or straw wattles. Size: 12”; 18” and 24” (Call for pricing)

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