Land Clearing

Victory Gardens has been providing land clearing services for private, commercial, and municipal clients for over 20 years. We ensure that every job is done safely, with professional conduct, and customer satisfaction. We are the premier provider of land clearing services in the tri-state region. We are prompt, responsive, and professional because we truly care about the end results for you, the customer or investor. The Victory Gardens team wants to ensure we start projects off on the right foot with a full-time land clearing and demolition crew. By doing this, it helps us ensure your project stays on schedule and on budget by identifying and minimizing risk. Our team can clear any size property you have. We have the land clearing equipment and experts for your project. Victory Gardens Land Clearing is committed to sustainability and environmental conservation, and they take great care to minimize the impact of their land clearing services on the environment. They recycle and repurpose cleared materials whenever possible, and they dispose of debris in an environmentally responsible manner.

We are very passionate about our industry and stay up-to-date on the latest equipment to make sure we bring the very best to every job site. We offer a comprehensive range of land clearing services, including tree removal, brush cleaning, stump grinding, and debris removal. Our fleet includes heavy equipment that includes a feller buncher, horizontal and tub grinders, as well as other specialized machinery necessary for large-scale land clearing projects. This gives us the edge to be efficient and get it done right the first time. The land clearing and grubbing division of Victory Gardens handles everything from small residential to large commercial work. We prepare sites for future residential, commercial and industrial use, as well as working with homeowners on lot clearing, underbrush, pastures, and much more. Our fleet of trucks and market resources are able to efficiently remove resulting wood waste from the site without costly and unnecessary delays.

VIctory Gardens is known for their exceptional customer service and their commitment to quality. They work closely with their clients to develop custom solutions that meet their specific needs and requirements. Their attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction has earned them a reputation as a trusted partner in the land clearing industry. To learn more about our land clearing services or talk with use about your specific project, call us today or contact our Land Clearing team at 215-443-5665