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How To Prepare Your Garden’s Soil for the Winter

Do you want to know what separates a good gardener from a great gardener?

A good gardener will just feed his or her plants, while a great gardener will feed the soil. Some people compare feeding just the plant to giving the plant battery life because it has a limited amount of power before it runs out, while they compare feeding the soil to using hydroelectric power because it continually uses the forces of nature to keep going. Great gardeners understand that feeding soil will also feed the plant to make it live longer, which makes it easier in the end for everyone (and everything) involved.

At Victory Gardens, Inc., we’re aland clearing company in Montgomery County, PA, and other local areas. We’re all about soil, soil mixes, soil amendments, and more, and we’d like to help you prepare your garden’s soil for the winter, so it’ll be much easier for you next spring.

1. Use one of high-quality soil products – At Victory Gardens, Inc. we sell a variety of high-quality soil products including screened and unscreened topsoil, structural fill and clean fill, PennDOT approved topsoils, mushroom soil, leaf compost, rain garden mix, and more. All of our soil products, compost products, and soil blends are periodically tested and based on project guidelines.

Prepare Your Garden

2. Remove weeds after the first frost – Waiting to remove weeds after the first frost can help you reduce the amount of labor you have to do. We also suggest you till under any leaves or annuals because they’ll serve as organic matter and help enrich the soil. You can place the weeds into a compost pile to be removed or recycled.

3. Spread the soil mixes or amendments over the area and till it – We have plenty of great soil products to protect your garden over the winter. Use them, and your garden will be ready to go in the spring.

We hope you use this guide to prepare your garden’s soil for the winter. If you take proper care of the soil, your garden will practically take care of itself, and you’ll also be known as a Great Gardener. To learn more about our different types of soil products, as well as ourland clearing services in Monmouth County, NJ, and the surrounding areas, contact us at 215-443-5665.